The 101 Ashtead Surrey Rebel Ride

Community, Community, Community

We are looking for local sponsorship to support the event, and directly help us cover the cost of the shirts, so all the entry donations can go straight to Rianna's Fund Charity.
Please contact for details to see how you can support us

2016 Sponsors for shirts and / or Lucky Dip prizes desperately needed

Shirt Sponsor Guide 

Back Pocket - £300

Shirt Sleeve - £150

Our 2016 Shirt Sponsors

Bastows - Making London Beautiful

Many Thanks to Frank Bestow for this generous Help in making this year special. He came to me last year offering his support for 2016! 

What a champion!

Lets hope we can get him up Chalk Pit this year...

Patrick Gardner

A pillar of support within the local community, not only backing the Ashtead Community Bike ride, but offering support at the "Adults" community Bike Ride for 2016. Many thanks to Douglas and the Partners for your support

AIMS Accountants for Business

Many thanks to Adam West for his kind offer to sponsor this year’s ride. Having ridden it last year - he couldn’t wait to re-sign and grab some of the sponsorship action. 
Suffice to say, if you have any accounting or tax headaches - he’s your go to guy in Ashtead.

Bike Beans Cafe

Jamie will never miss an opportunity to support a local Cause - especially when riding is involved. It goes without saying without Bike Beans in Ashtead - most of us would be over-weight with nothing to do on the weekends! ... other than watch sport on Telly

Thanks Again Jamie

Pedal Active - Surrey

Another kind offer this year from Bazza. I just hope we can convince him to put 2 fingers up to the Ride easy 100, and come do a real ride!

Perhaps in 2017?

Thanks Barrie

2015 Sponsors